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welcome to my world of transformation through surfing, yoga, and healing touch. i’m passionate about riding the waves, guiding mindful yoga journeys, and using the art of massage to restore balance. join me on a path of self-discovery and rejuvenation as we dive into the realm where the elements meet the soul

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Get into the habit of asking yourself
“Does this support the life I am trying to create”

current classes & workshops

isla colon – bocas del toro, panama
current classes @ cliff’s hostel
monday – thursday
8:15 – 9:15 – good morning hatha flow yoga
mini-retreats / workshops
one day in paradise
incl. Yoga at the beach
more infos here
thai massage workshop
min of 3 people required
online classes
tuesday 8 pm cet
yin yoga

About me


namaste and welcome,
i’m Andrea, certified yoga teacher, thai masaage therapist and vegetarian & vegan nutritionist and nature lover, based in this beautiful world wich means I am here, there and everywhere (: and, of course you find my online. I am very happy you made it to my website.

i started surfing in 2013 at the age of 36. who would have thought that this would change my life? totally hooked I focused on the special needs of surfers. and five years later in october 2018 I started traveling, surfing and teaching yoga around the world.

most of us have a life besides surfing and travelling. me too, i had a 9-5 job, which as we know, is never 9-5.
but by teaching yoga in the office i realized the amazing benefit through the workday. in my opinion we should start the work day either with a little stretch aka yoga or meditation. that’s why i offer yoga and meditation in companies. it’s so essential to reduce your stress on a daily basis.

200h hatha and vinyasa yoga teacher training with way yoga international, germany
100h yin and aerial teacher training with kashish yoga, india
25h thai yoga massage training with yoga & thaï massage with baptiste sākya
400h thai traditional massage & thai spa therapist training with ttc spa school chiang mai, thailand
nutritionist diploma with the center of excellence, online

over 15 years experience with self practice, full of passion and love.

if the world is up side down I hope to see you either on the mat or in the water.
lots of love and light

Be a lamp to yourself
Be your own confidence
Hold on to the truth within yourself as the only truth
~ Buddha

STAY Tuned!

LanNa Wellness

immerse yourself in the serene world of lanna wellness, a holistic approach to well-being rooted in the ancient traditions of northern thailand. lanna, meaning “kingdom of a million rice fields,” is an enchanting region known for its rich cultural heritage and deep connection to nature

thai traditional, thai yoga and oil massage on isla colon – bocas del toro, panama
thai traditional / thai yoga massage
thai massage is an ancient sacred bodywork with an emphasis on combining energy line work and gentle stretching into a comprehensive healing modality.
it provides amazing results to reduce stress, ease discomfort in the body and create profound feeling of relaxation.
thai yoga massage has the focus on gentle stretching, rhythmic motion and assisted yoga postures.
thai oil massage
oil Massage has its roots in the ancient medicine of indian ayurvedic which dates back to 2500 years. aroma oil, which is made of highly concentrated extracts of herbs which helps to relax the body tissues, boosts the hormone system and relieves fatigue and stress
deep lymph drainage massage
lymphatic drainage massage gently aims to encourage movement of lymphatic fluid thereby detoxifying & removing toxins from the body. it helps in reducing puffiness and swelling. it has been cited as having a positive effect on skin problem, cellulite, dysfunctional respiratory system and fatigue.
facial massage
healthy & glowing skin is one of the most important beauty assets. massage stimulates circulation and brings more oxygen to the face. it also stimulates the production of collagen and tightens the skin.
foot reflexology massage
it’s a science which deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. stimulating these reflexes properly can help many health problems in a natural way, a type of preventative maintenance.
thai massage workshops
thai massage workshop
min of 3 people required
rusie dutton
thai yoga class

R NinerR Niner
00:03 03 Sep 23
I relaxed with a 90 minute Thai massage in a cooled apartment then herbal Ayurvedic tea afterwards. I will return on my future trips to Bocas.
Esta-Marita OppermanEsta-Marita Opperman
15:31 11 Aug 23
I had one of the best massages of my life with Andrea! I asked for a relaxing massage this time - as my body needed it - and this is exactly what I received. Andrea does not just do a quick massage to get it over with, no, she is the kind of masseuse who gives every touch, every move, every pressure point her full attention. I had goosebumps for 90 minutes with my body is a total state of complete relaxation, I cannot wait to go back!
Judi TeranJudi Teran
20:01 17 Jul 23
This is the most amazing massage I’ve ever received!
Adam KarigAdam Karig
13:12 09 Jul 23
I’ve been treated by quite a few massage therapists, and I will say that Andrea’s treatment was exceptional. You will see and feel that she is very mindful and compassionate during her treatments, and is concerned with helping each individual client with their unique needs. I feel that Andrea is a genuine healer who is deeply passionate about her work and truly loves what she does. Somebody like Andrea is rare to come by!
Anna VichnevetskaiaAnna Vichnevetskaia
20:22 28 Jun 23
We had a wonderful class! It was in a comfortable, quiet space with AC, knowledgable instructor, and we felt great afterward. Really recommend while in Bocas!
L. Starlight MundyL. Starlight Mundy
16:22 26 Jun 23
Such a gifted healer! I’m so grateful for our sessions and leave feeling like I’m on a whole new level! Absolutely spectacular body worker. 💖
Bheesam RagbirBheesam Ragbir
16:46 26 May 23
My first Thai massage, was a great experience... definitely recommended... immediate effects on your body circulation.... it's so relaxing, I even fell asleep
Tracy-Lynn SchusterTracy-Lynn Schuster
00:27 31 Jan 23
Andrea was so nice! Had a Thai Massage from her and it was great! You should look her up if you are in Boca del Toro. It will be worth your time!


thai massage

thai yoga massage is an ancient sacred bodywork with an emphasis on combining rhythmic motion, energy line work, gentle stretching and assisted yoga postures into a comprehensive healing modality.
it provides amazing results to reduce stress, ease discomfort and create profound feeling of relaxation. It is performed on a mat in comfortable clothing.

Vegan Sweet Potato Brownies

Becoming a nutritionist is a lot of study and it will never end. But the awesome part is the practice where you just create healthy dishes. I am not a chef but I try a lot and I kind of find my passion in creating healthy desserts. Here is one of my favorite.