Everybody is talking about it

… that’s why I kept quiet. It’s always the same… the more people talk about a topic the less I want to talk about it.

But here I go and break that rule 😉

Let’s talk about sustainability!

What do I do? Actually I feel like I can’t do anything. I feel overwhelmed by the amount of people in this world who literally DON‘T care or even don’t think about it.

Yes, I travel and I’m aware of the impact a flight from has. That’s why I try to stay as long as possible in one country not to move too fast. I use local transportation or share rides with others. When I book flights I try to use the ones with less CO2 emission – I don’t really know how they do it but I hope they doing it well!

I’ve already reduced my consume of animal products to a minimum when I lived in Germany and bought just organic stuff. I tried to avoid plastic at the supermarket. A while now I live vegan – in the moment it’s easy because I have someone cooking for me and I’m not traveling much. 🙂 well, I’m spoiled I know. When I’m traveling I need to go with the flow and if I find some vegan food I’m happy otherwise I stay vegetarian, which is almost everywhere available. (Except at my father’s place – I won’t win this fight, so I leave it like that)

The clothes I wear I usually wear till they “die” and if I am tiered of a peace I either swap it or donate it. I love to buy stuff second hand. I need to confess from time to time I also buy totally new products. Yes, I’m just a human raised in this world.

I have a reusable drinking bottle and always happy when I can use filtered water from the tab (or unfiltered, when it’s ok with the belly) and if I go crazy I have a stainless steel travel straw – whoop whoop 😀

I don’t use much of cosmetic products. Nevertheless it takes a lot of space in my luggage. Wouldn’t it be nice not to take all the extra weight on your travels with you? My new goal is to use less and to reduce more plastic in this part of my life, too. For example I use natural soap for the body wrapped in paper. I’m happy to be at places where I don’t need antitranspirant even though I sweat a lot. But guess what? I don’t smell – well I hope 😉 And these days I’m open to try a life without shampoo… I’m in the ocean almost every let’s see how that works. I really believe that our body can regulate itself. My toothbrush is made of sustainable bamboo and I have a reusable Q-Tip (what’s the English word for it? Swap?). My sunscreen is reef-friendly.

I collect garbage from the beaches, at least as much as I can carry to the next bin

In my former apartment I used renewable energy and the host of my website uses renewable energy, too – yeah!

What about my hobbie? Surfing is not sustainable at all – do you have any ideas? (Except stoping ;))

You see regarding to the meaning of sustainability I try as best as I can to minimize my footprint.

What else can I do, I’m open for inspirations. But please just leave constructive feedback. Thank you!