Yin Yoga & The Chakra System

Yin Yoga was developed by focusing on the energy lines (so called Meridians) of Traditional Chinese Medicine. But it’s always nice to have another point of view.
The angle we are looking at has its base in yogic tradition. The Chakra System.
Chakra can be translated as wheel or circle which keeps the energy in your body flowing.

Or imagine a roundabout in a big city.

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Energy has different names in different traditions. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it’s called Qi (Chi) . In Yoga Philosophy we call it Prana.

In the perfect world everything is balanced, Prana is flowing through your body to give life force and clarity. Prana would nourish every cell in your body and you would feel perfectly aligned and at ease. Perfect world.

Now imagine the big roundabout around the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. At rush hour. 12 Avenues coming together. Well, let’s say every now and then this gets out of control.
And this is something that happens all the time in your body. Influenced by the outside world which is not always sunshine and butterflies. Influenced by what we take in. On all levels of senses.

One day something unexpected happens which will bring you out of balance. Physically, mentally or emotionally all layers of your body can be affected. Energy stucks or runs too fast.

By practicing Yoga we want the energy to flow. At the right speed. We want the energy to run from the very root to the very crown in our body. It’s said that we have a main channel or energy line (Sushumna) and two lines wrapped around Sushmna.
The Energy lines are called Nadis in Yoga Philosophy. And the two around the main Nadi are called Ida and Pingala. There is a whole story about these two, but this is another chapter.
On this main channel – Sushumna – are the main chakras located.

Fun fact: there are these 3 famous Nadis and the 7 famous Chakras but there are thousands more…Imagine, like France with it’s 20.000 to 65.0000 roundabouts (no one is really sure about the amount)

The three Nadis reach from the Root Chakra (Muladhara) to the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara). They are passing the Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana), the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura), the Heart Chakra (Anahata), the Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) and the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna). Every one of them is passing the energy through. From one to the other. From bottom to top.

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If you are on the highway wanting to go from one place to the other, knowing you have to pass seven roundabouts, what do you think will happen? Well, hopefully nothing and you reach your destination without complication. But probably you will find others on the way. A bike that slows you down. A truck which can’t pass the roundabout and causes a traffic jam. Or maybe no one on the streets, which makes you go faster than allowed and will send a picture of you driving home.

By practicing Yoga we are cutting these obstacles out. We create secured highways, where no bicycles are allowed, the roundabouts are big enough for trucks and the car you’re driving is not letting you go too fast.

Now that sounds easy. But going or growing from root to crown takes time. And in this time so many things can happen. You might get a good foundation but years later they don’t have enough asphalt to build what’s necessary. There begins the Chakra Healing.

Btw this insight is an insight and does not claim to be complete. As I write this text more and more appears in my mind and I want to explain more about the Chakras. Actually I already did more than my intention was. So I stop here, but feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or if you don’t understand my metaphors. 😉

Coming back to my intention and the beginning of the text. I want to focus the next online Yin Yoga classes on the Chakra System. In the seventh class we practiced Yoga Nidra. The Yogic Sleep. A Meditation practiced in Savasana.

Hope to see you on the mat.

Lots of love and light, Andrea

Yoga Nidra

As many of us are super busy all the time, it is necessary to relax from time to time.
To relief our body and our mind from tension.

Yoga Nidra is the perfect way to do it. And you don’t need much, except some time, a nice and cosy surrounding and an audio file. You can find a lot on YouTube or just use mine below.

Lay down in a comfortable Savasana Pose, make sure that it is not to warm or to cold and that you not be disturbed for the next 50 minutes. Follow the instructions and remain awake – thats it, enjoy!

Yoga Nidra – Swami Satyananda Saraswati – read by Andrea

Happy to know how you liked it, so please leave a message or a comment below.

Wellness in Zeiten von Corona

Nach langer Zeit voller Einschränkungen und Zurückhaltungen, treten seit heute neue Lockerungen in Kraft. “Körpernahe Dienstleistungen” sind ab dem 11.05.2020 wieder erlaubt.
Das bedeutet, Du kannst Dir nun wieder etwas Gutes tun.

Thai Yoga Massage ist eine alte, ganzheitliche Art der Körper- und Energiearbeit.

Durch die Kombination aus gleichmäßigen Bewegungen entlang der Energiebahnen des Körpers, sowie sanften, passiven, unterstützten Yoga Haltungen, lassen sich erstaunliche Ergebnisse bei der Stressreduzierung erzielen.
Die Thai Yoga Massage lindert leichte Beschwerden und erzeugt ein tiefes Gefühl der Entspannung.

Die Massage findet auf einer Bodenmatte in bequemer Kleidung bei Dir zu Hause statt. Um den Hygienevorschriften zu entsprechen, verwenden wir deine Handtücher, Decken und Kissen. Ich werde selbstverständlich meine Hände desinfizieren und während der Massage eine Nase-Mund-Maske tragen.
Jede Session entspricht ca. 90 Minuten. (Bitte plane Dir 2 Stunden Zeit ein)
Vor der Thai Yoga Massage sollte mindestens eine Stunde nichts gegessen werden.

Die 90 minütige Massage kostet 90,- € inkl. Anfahrt im Raum Oldenburg. (Bremen & Hamburg nach Absprache möglich)
Ein einmaliger Kennenlern-Rabatt in Höhe von 20% bei einer Buchung über WhatsApp +49 172 4004 383 #surfyogalife