Did you know?

… we always think surf and yoga fit perfectly together because all the postures and strength we need for surfing is found in yoga asanas. I mean yes, that’s right.

Regarding to strengthen the body and prepare for surfing, Being more flexible, balanced and gain strength is the perfect way to start or prepare your holiday!

But there is another aspect you see, when you look under the surface. What happens in your body, brain while surfing? I mean isn’t it fun? Getting stoked. A real adrenaline rush? And that makes us feel so good…

Dopamine and endorphin which are hormones that makes us happy – yeah! A what? A Hormon rush? Yes! Adrenaline (and Noradrenaline) is produced to activate your muscles, to be more attentive. It also releases Dopamine and Endorphin which are hormones that makes us happy – yeah! That’s why we can’t stop!

But after 10-15 minutes under stress which surfing is meant to be for the body (the influence of adrenaline), cortisol sets free. Wich relives not as fast as adrenaline. It stays longer. What is Stress actually? When we go back to the Stone Age stress could be looking in the eye of a tiger, right? What to do? Fight or flight! Therefore our muscles need to tense and react immediately. Like I mentioned before adrenaline doesn’t last long, cortisol whereas stays longer, which means we hold longer the tension in our body! Bummer!

To reduce the cortisol level is one solution practicing Yoga! Stretching the muscles, calming down your tensed body with concentration of body, mind and breath and voila – not just your mind is relaxed also is your body, your muscles.

It’s so easy, we just have to do it!

If you want to strengthen and relax your body in preparation for you next surfvacation feel free to contact me and I develop the perfect plan for you. Let’s start!

And if you want a holistic check up we can talk about it too. Because we aren’t just here for surfing and holidays – wouldn’t it be nice? – we have our daily life. And there is so much more wich influences our hormones and makes us feel not as good as we should feel.

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