Use your time wisely

I recently read a post on Instagram about the pressure to start something we ever wanted to do and asked myself: At any time with a crises or not: why is it never enough to be? Just to go with the flow, with your own flow. Why do we have to optimize ourselves permanently?

Sure we have to be aware not to stuck in negative thoughts and get into anxiety. But each and every person has a great tool against it. Breathe in the present moment and just be. Sometimes it’s easier sometimes not. Like every other day.

But please, avoid the stress of thinking “I have to do this and I have to do that” just because now is the time because we have a planty of it. No, actually it’s not necessary. Allow yourself to do everything in your own pace.

And don’t put yourself under pressure by people who are showing how productive they are and how they spiritually grow. Those are probably also productive and spiritual growing with less time. If you are not like Speedy Gonzales don’t try to be.

There are people in this world who are more active than others. Yes we are diverse. Everyone is different, has different pace and needs. We should start accepting that instead of tearing ourselves down. Be kind to yourself. And don’t forget that in any time: to start something new you need to make the first step. And for what reason, it’s always the first step wich is incredible hard to take.

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