It’s getting real

Leaving your life behind. Leave to travel, teach to travel and now I travel to teach.
I never dreamed about it when I started – it’s almost one and a half year ago! I never imagined that I’m still traveling around. But I continue. I continue self-development. Traveling. Teaching.
And now it is the time to share, share my experience, my studies, my knowledge. It all ends up (hopefully not ends up) – better it all leads me to my first retreat!
And what is better to combine the activities you like the most? So for sure it will be a surf and yoga retreat. And wich place is the best? Yes, the place where you feel comfortable and at home. I hope I will always be in the lucky situation to know where I hold my retreats and go there before. I heard so much of blind dating between retreat holder and venue. I believe that it is important for the success (which means that the guests are happy and I could share or maybe inspire them)
There will be future retreats, I’m pretty sure! Yes – it already feels so good and I am so excited that I believe it will be great and I can’t wait to find another place to create a treat for you.
The first guest already booked. <3

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